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I absolutely love life, everything about. Each day springing forth with the sun to discover the adventures and lessons of the day. This little point is what ultimately lead me to photography and more specifically documentary photography. To connect with other people, seeking to understand their story, learning through experiencing,  and most importantly to connect and share the most valuable thing in the universe. Time and experience. This is why I document the life I live.

The understanding, compassion, and intentions we have come through in the lives and images we create. Our ability to connect or alienate people. The way we choose to see and interact with the world around us. The way we can either be absorbed into a scene, or stand out like a sore thumb. More importantly to become completely present in the moment we are in; fully immersed in the chaos of events that make up our lives.

When it comes to documentary work the projects and stories  I create are as varied as the people who enjoy my work. These essay’s can range from an editorial, wedding, parties, or any time in your life that would like to be able to share in those moments again.

I feel that my documentary photography has a strong photojournalistic, cinematic feel, that allows the images to feel natural to the viewer and engage with the you at a deeper level of connection between the viewer and the image.

Stories : Documentary : Day in the Life | Details
. Digital Film Negatives | Monochrome or Color
. Thirty Six Developed Digital Images | Color & Monochrome Digital Negatives
. {ccojr} Editorial Story
. Personal Digital Darkroom : Negatives, Selections, Files, Prints by {ccojr}
. Proofs are processed to the darkroom within seven days for selection
. Final Images are normally delivered within thirty days.

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