Portraits Session | Commission

Portraits are a reflection of the person. What sets them apart is who and how they are created. It is a combination of the energies of the artist and the model.

The understanding and connection between them comes through in the images, that one shared moment.  To me this is what creates a portrait.

I would describe my style of portrait photography as:
Engaging, Detailed, Natural, Authenticate, Cinematic.

Types of Portrait sessions I shoot:
Environmental Portraits : Family Portraits : Engagement Portraits : Beauty Portraits : Glamour Portraits: Bridal Portraits.

{ Portrait Sessions } Environmental : Studio : Lifestyle

Portrait Session |  Details
. One Look | 60-90 minutes creative
. Digital Film Negatives | Monochrome or Color
. Thirty Six Developed Digital Images | Color & Monochrome Digital Negatives
. Three Retouched Digital Images
. Personal Digital Darkroom : Negatives, Selections, Files, Prints by {ccojr}
. Proofs are processed to the darkroom within seven days for selection
. Final Images are normally delivered within fourteen days.

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