About Artist : Photographer | Craig Christopher O’Connor Jr.

{ccojr} Life Art

I believe that we live in a world that is beautiful & just.

One that has a Creator and Plan, although we do not always understand it for we are experiencing  it.

That this life is about the people we meet and the experiences we create and share together, not the things we have or the things we know.

That is for our testing and trial .

I feel that we should all  love what we do, and I believe the key to growth lies through experience.

As I have grown I have come to find the joy of a simple life.

I feel that our emotions, thoughts, actions, and intentions combine together to shape our reality and finding the balance of these is the key to us finding peace and equality.

How we use our time here, reflects who we are.

This all cumulates into who I am, what I do, how I create and how I work.

There is so much beauty to be found in the world everyday.

If we only take the time to step into the present we can see what has been here all along for us to discover.

 I choose to eat an organic {i.e. poison free NON GMO}, & vegetarian diet,  and we tend to stay close to home as our interests are not in the things of the world.

I use my days creating and studying the word in our secret little grove.

I share this time with my other half, best friend and my wife Elisabeth, as well with the girls Lexie, Star, {dogs} & Teany {kitty}

{ccojr} Philosophy

Faith ~ Hope ~Love

listen . to the world around me

be . present; aware; awake; always kind

learn . everyday add new unto the old

understand . seek always first to understand others

grow . through experience and expanding understanding & inclusiveness

create . everyday let the energy of the universe flow thru me

share . what i create & what i think to those who would like to see

inspire . through my actions & life first,  not my words. allowing my actions, thoughts, understanding, intentions,  to help others see another way is always possible

truth . always honoring and loving the eternal consistent of the universe

beauty . is to be discovered everyday if i only accept the present and look at it; not past it

love . everyday passionately accepting the life I created

Inspiration & Enjoyment : The Gospel which is the Good News of Jesus Christ  &  Mystery of Godliness, Scripture, Biblical Christianity ~ New Testament ,   Nature,  Cycling, Golf,  Hiking, Simple Living,  Organic food, Tea, Wine, Studying & Reading,  the soul, it’s creation decent and salvation, human  consciousness , conservation, vaporizing

People whom I find Inspiration from.

Christ Jesus  the Nazarene : My Grandfather  : Apostle Paul :Manly P Hall :  Henri Cartier-Bresson : Ansel Adams : William Penn

My personality type is an  INFJ – A : Introvert iNtuitive Feeling Judging Advocate


I am a follower of THE WAY  which is narrow