Portraits :  Non-traditional. Environmental, Clean, Natural

Stories : Documentary | The things we do in Life.

Weddings : Documentary

Art : Prints

I would describe the style of my work as natural, engaging, authentic, detailed, painterly & simple

I digitally process my work, I do not photoshop my work

Each of us are all trying to grow and make our way through this life. My gift is my vision and gifts are meant to be shared.

When choosing to commission me for a project,  I have a process that is unique and simple.  We will gather the details for the shoot and create a proposal that list the details for the project such as: materials, expenses, time creating, time developing : retouching  and any other important details.

In the end creating a document that will allow you to understand the time and expense I put forth into the creating the project, which will allow you to ability and freedom to decide how you feel best to reciprocate for the work.

I feel this allows us to have an honest and straight forward relationship that is built on a foundation of trust and understanding.

As an Artist : Craftsman, each project I create is priceless to me. I choose to stand behind my work instead of front, and allow my clients to pay me what they feel the work and experience are worth to them.

I feel that this method allows us to build more honest and trusting relationship while not selecting my clients by what they can afford, but selecting my clients by who wants to have and experience my work.

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