Elisabeth O’Connor | Project Coordinator : Partner

My name is Elisabeth, but my friends call me Beth. I believe that you should live your life being happy.  If it does not make you happy, why do it? I strive to live my life this way.  I love smiling & laughing.  I completely think Karma exists and you should love life and live it to your fullest extent.

I am a highly organized person, who handles project management.  Every shoot is different because everyone is unique in their own amazing ways.  We intend to bring out the true “YOU” in the art.  I love being a part of this process.

I help manage deliverables and work with the artists to maintain project timelines. I enjoy working on the website, helping to design the story layouts,  & collaborating on all projects.

I have the privilege of being married to my best friend and partner in life Craig Christopher O’Connor Jr. I use Organic makeup currently by Zuii Organic, made with flowers so no toxic chemicals while getting your makeup done by me :).  I enjoy being able to work alongside him and experience new adventures daily. If we are not working we relax watching movies or the stars. We choose to eat an Organic non-gmo vegetarian diet. I love to bake  treats and drink delicious organic fair trade tea. Craig & I have three “children” Alexis, Star, & Teany, they like to tag along on a lot of our journeys.