Craig Christopher O’Connor Jr | Photographer : Artist

Artist : Photographer: Philosopher: Mystic : Idealist

Seeker of Beauty & Truth : Learning Kiriya Yoga

Introvert – INTJ : INFP | Gemini

Trying to live a simpler way of life, I am vegetarian, an Advocate of Organic Non-GMO foods : the Environment and a healthy lifestyle.

I pass my time listening to lectures, (a lot of Manly P. Hall) reading, studying, wandering in the wilderness, and just watching movies with my girls.

The hobbies i find myself drawn to these days include: hiking, golfing, or camping. Watching the stars and loving the beautiful journey we call life.

“The world’s first estate will also be its last.” I “Tao is hidden, and it has no name ; but it is good at the beginning and the finishing.”  – Laotze

“To cease from all evil actions, to generate all that is good. To cleanse one’s mind. This is the constant advice of the buddha’s.”  – The Buddha